Zimbis LabPlus

High Accuracy & Quick Turn Times for Every Case

Zimbis LabPlus works by tracking the implant component we have on-stock, and automatically ordering additional components before we run out. For our team, this means we save time search and managing our inventory. It also eliminates emergency or overnight orders.

For you, the Zimbis LabPlus ensures that every implant case you prescribe is fulfilled quickly and accurately.

Zimbis LabPlus

How Does Zimbis Benefit You and Us?

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Vertical Integration

When combined with our in-house milled custom titanium abutments, the Zimbis is one more step in our mission to vertically integrate. Keeping our inventory consistently stocked, we can ensure that we never have to outsource.

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Pairs with LabTrack

The Zimbis LabPlus pairs with LabTrack, which means that in the rare occurrence that we are out of an implant component, you will be informed when placing your order. Therefore, you can also be confident that every implant component you need is ready to go when you send your case.

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Eliminates Back Orders

If you placed an order that required a component that was not in-stock, one option we could do would be to place it on back order. This would result in a longer wait time for you and your patient, harming patient satisfaction. By ensuring all our components are consistently in-stock, you will never have to worry about back orders again.

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Eliminates Emergency/Overnight Orders

An alternative option we could use for an out-of-stock component would be to rely on an emergency or overnight order once we do receive the component. This could result in a tardy return case and an unhappy patient. Zimbis eliminates the potential for these types of orders.

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Real-Time Tracking of In-Stock Implant Components

The Zimbis LabPlus accurately tracks every implant component we currently have. If we run low on a certain component, LabPlus is alerted and automatically orders more. It tracks all components, including implants and screws.

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